Manifesting 101

Ask, Believe, and Receive. It's really that simple. 

For those of you who aren't familiar with the term "manifesting,"  let me break it down for you. Manifesting is intentionally creating what you want. Manifesting, or The Law of Attraction, is a new age concept that puts forward the notion that you can attract into your reality what is most predominant in your thoughts. We all have the ability to manifest our desires. Whether it's wealth, love, a particular job, self-admiration... the list goes on and on. The power to manifest lies within you. Learning how to manifest properly is essential for success. I'll teach you how it's done.


Make this a daily habit. Be grateful for what you have, be grateful for what is on its way to you, and be grateful as you start recognizing when the Universe is lining things up just the way you intended them to. Start and end every day with this mantra: "Thank you Universe for what you have provided for me, and what has yet to come." By starting and ending each day with this mantra, you will recognize a HUGE shift in your energy. 

2) Say BYE FELICIA To Bad Energy: 

Almost always will something get in the way of success. Usually, this lies within a negative mindset. Start training yourself to recognize when negative thought patterns arise and SIT THEM THE EF DOWN. There is absolutely no room for negativity if you want to successfully manifest your dreams. The more you pick up on a positive mindset, the more you begin to truly believe that what you're manifesting WILL come to you. 

3) Trust The Clock: 

The waiting game is the most challenging game to play. Personally, I can't even wait a full 4 minutes for a microwavable popcorn to be finished. TRUST THE UNIVERSE and it's timing! You will get what you've manifested when you are fully ready and open to receiving it. Sometimes life's timing may seem a little unfair. It is essential to understand that the Universe will always provide for you at the perfect time. You may not think the timing is "perfect" in the moment, but trust that it is.


Training your mind to believe that miracles will happen for you is KEY to manifesting. Sit in meditation, silence, or high conscious thought and envision everything you're manifesting. Make this a daily habit so that the ideas become a reality. 

Some people don't really believe in the power of manifesting. I totally understand why. For some of my "realist" readers, please try to understand that energy attracts like energy. If you exude positive energy, thoughts, and feelings, you will receive the same. 

So what will you manifest today? 

 Love & Light,