Releasing Judgement

The art of releasing judgement doesn't happen over night. This practice is an ongoing shift that needs to be made only when one is willing to make it. 

Talking shit was an activity I used to participate in heavily. I don't even know why I was always gossiping, but it just seemed like a main part of my day to day conversations. Recently, I began shifting my own personal energy and stopped this horrid habit. Studies show that people bond more over what they hate vs. what they love. So, if two people realize they have the same hatred for a particular person, they instantly become legitimate best friends. It's kinda weird when you think about it. How did we grow up in a world where people talk SO MUCH SHIT?

Today, we are living in a world that needs this shift desperately. It's time for us to see the BIGGER PICTURE. It's time for us to STOP deflecting insecurities onto others. It's time to CELEBRATE differences. It's time to stop saying shit just because you may think it sounds "cool." It's time to LOVE. It's time to SUPPORT one another. It's time to BE CAUTIOUS of when you are gossiping. It's time to RELEASE. 

Here's how: 

1) RECOGNIZE - Any time you find yourself in a state of judgement, YOU'RE ON THE RIGHT TRACK! Just getting yourself to recognize when you're judging someone else is huge. Some people continue to judge and think it's ok. Which it may be for them. But if you can reach this level of self awareness, you're already helping the world. 

2) REPEAT - If you find yourself talking poorly about someone else, but realize you're feeling a sense of guilt about what you may have said, REPEAT IT. Repeat what you said out loud in a different way, the way you want it to be heard. For example: 

 "I actually can't believe how fucking annoying she was being last night. Holy shit I was having the worst second hand embarrassment for her." 

*realizes that was maybe a little harsh and wildly unnecessary* 

"Ok I take that back. I'm being dramatic lol. She’s actually not all bad and I feel badly that I even judged in the first place.”  

If you can come to this level of self awareness, you are on the right track. The more you begin recognizing how your judgements are being verbalized, you'll stop verbalizing them all together. And once you stop verbalizing them, they won't even be apart of your internal dialogue. 

3) REMEMBER - This is important. Please remember you literally have NO IDEA what some people are going through. If you happen to see a new picture of someone on Insta and it may appear that they've lost a significant amount of weight, DO NOT JUDGE. We often think we know everything about a person when we don't. That person could be going through a health trauma, a mental issue, or simply have just been exercising much more. Pointing out the person's size and judging how they got to that size is a judgement. 

There's a huge difference between judgement and observations. Observations would be simply noticing that the person lost weight. Judging is when you not only notice the weight loss, but you begin sharing it with friends and start coming up with different theories as to how they got to that size. 

There are tons of topics we can talk about instead of talking about each other. If you feel uncomfortable when people are talking shit, don't participate just because you might feel you "have to." We all have a choice. Be exemplary and be the light. 

Love & Light, 



Manifesting 101

Ask, Believe, and Receive. It's really that simple. 

For those of you who aren't familiar with the term "manifesting,"  let me break it down for you. Manifesting is intentionally creating what you want. Manifesting, or The Law of Attraction, is a new age concept that puts forward the notion that you can attract into your reality what is most predominant in your thoughts. We all have the ability to manifest our desires. Whether it's wealth, love, a particular job, self-admiration... the list goes on and on. The power to manifest lies within you. Learning how to manifest properly is essential for success. I'll teach you how it's done.


Make this a daily habit. Be grateful for what you have, be grateful for what is on its way to you, and be grateful as you start recognizing when the Universe is lining things up just the way you intended them to. Start and end every day with this mantra: "Thank you Universe for what you have provided for me, and what has yet to come." By starting and ending each day with this mantra, you will recognize a HUGE shift in your energy. 

2) Say BYE FELICIA To Bad Energy: 

Almost always will something get in the way of success. Usually, this lies within a negative mindset. Start training yourself to recognize when negative thought patterns arise and SIT THEM THE EF DOWN. There is absolutely no room for negativity if you want to successfully manifest your dreams. The more you pick up on a positive mindset, the more you begin to truly believe that what you're manifesting WILL come to you. 

3) Trust The Clock: 

The waiting game is the most challenging game to play. Personally, I can't even wait a full 4 minutes for a microwavable popcorn to be finished. TRUST THE UNIVERSE and it's timing! You will get what you've manifested when you are fully ready and open to receiving it. Sometimes life's timing may seem a little unfair. It is essential to understand that the Universe will always provide for you at the perfect time. You may not think the timing is "perfect" in the moment, but trust that it is.


Training your mind to believe that miracles will happen for you is KEY to manifesting. Sit in meditation, silence, or high conscious thought and envision everything you're manifesting. Make this a daily habit so that the ideas become a reality. 

Some people don't really believe in the power of manifesting. I totally understand why. For some of my "realist" readers, please try to understand that energy attracts like energy. If you exude positive energy, thoughts, and feelings, you will receive the same. 

So what will you manifest today? 

 Love & Light,


WTF Is A Life Coach...?

Life Coach: a person who counsels and encourages clients on matters having to do with careers or personal challenges.

* * * *

 Now let's dive right into this. Coaching is a practice used for people who want positive change in all areas of their lives. Coaches generally don’t care about who you were in your past (no offense). You could’ve been the high school over achiever, the girl who was a little risqué and developed early on in life, or the kid who sat alone at lunch. Coaches DO NOT CARE. We look at who you are today, who you want to be, and what blocks you have that prevent you from getting there. Therapists generally dive into a clients’ past experiences to calculate why you are the way you are.  Now don't get me wrong, therapy is very important for many people. Some people desperately need to go back in time to figure out certain triggers or behaviors in order to create that positive change. That being said,  most people who seek coaching instead of therapy are people who have a strong desire to make their dreams a reality.  

What To Expect:

 Now here’s the cool thing about coaching: coaches are guides. As a coach myself, I will rarely tell a client what they have to do. Instead, I provide questions that help the client realize that they have the answers within themselves. I will usually provide a client some sort of homework assignment based on the goals we’ve made together.

For example: If a client wants to write a book by the end of the year, I will ask them what he or she can accomplish by the end of the week to make that goal happen faster. Typically, the client would say that he or she will begin creating an outline for the book. After the client comes to that decision, it is fully up to them to carry out that goal.

I personally don’t care if he or she meets their goal or not. But what I do care about is holding my client accountable for what they said they would do. If someone doesn’t reach their goal, I will go back and help them figure out what blocked them from reaching that goal. As a coach, I hold my clients accountable for making their dreams become realities. No dream is too far fetched. 

Results From Coaching:

Coaching isn’t for everyone. It’s definitely a very “new age” concept. However, the results that come from coaching are incredible. Clients tend to feel empowered, self centered, worthy, acknowledged, and capable after coaching sessions. The client will ideally walk away having a better sense of self, a certainty of their life purpose, and greater appreciation for their life. By asking challenging questions to my clients, it encourages them to look at their lives from new perspectives as well as come up with new solutions to personal problems or external problems. The coaching experience helps people set measurable goals made up of specific and manageable steps. As a result of doing this, a client will gain the tools and techniques to face any blocks life throws in their way. Basically, clients learn how to kick ass in life. End of story. 

Love & Light,