NY ---> LA

The end of 2017 was a rollercoaster of excitement, fear, opportunity, growth, and love. I decided to pack my bags and move across the country to begin a new chapter in my life. Moving from New York to Los Angeles has always been a dream of mine and I decided to just go for it on November 8th, 2017. 

The biggest lesson I've learned since being out here is to drop all expectations. I went into this move thinking I would gain more clients, work from the comfort of my home, surround myself with high vibe people, and just fall into all of this LA LA LAND shit naturally. 

Well folks, the Universe has quite a different plan for me. As usual. 

Before moving to LA I decided to do some research of places to take workout classes in my area. I was so excited to see that there was a Pure Barre 10 minutes away from my house. For those of you who don't know me, I LOVE Pure Barre. If you don't know what Pure Barre is, I highly recommend you find the nearest one to you and go sign up for your first week free! I decided to reach out to the local Pure Barre in Woodland Hills to see if they were looking to hire any Barre Tenders (Their term for a receptionist.) Luckily to my surprise, they had an opening! I was hired before I even got out there.

So PERFECT. I hadn't even moved to LA yet and I had 2 new clients, and an awesome part time job that would give me an opportunity to work with high vibe people!

Then another opportunity came my way that was REALLY unexpected. 

Next door to Pure Barre Woodland Hills is a Tanning Salon. I decided to go in after my first shift at PBWH. (PSA: I was the PALEST person in Los Angeles, something had to be done.) 

To make a long story short, walking into that salon was one of the best decisions I have ever been guided to make. I had an indescribable connection with the receptionist who then asked if I wanted to work at the salon. Although becoming an airbrushing technician was not in my desired path, I was somehow drawn to saying yes. I had some extra time on my hands so why not? 

I have met the most incredible people. Not only do I work with the most diverse, beautiful, magnetic souls, but I am also meeting new people every single day. Airbrushing strangers is really interesting. I never expected to take on a role like this, but I LOVE IT. 

There were times in the beginning of this job where I would ask myself WTF am i doing??? But it's become evident to me why I was drawn to this salon. People come in for an airbrush appointment when they want to feel better about themselves. I have been lucky enough to not only make these ladies feel beautiful physically, but internally as well. 

Not only am I a certified Life Coach, but on a soul level, I am a healer. I was put on this earth to heal anyone that comes my way and if that's going to be through airbrushing, so be it. 

Drop expectations my loves. Be open to any and all opportunities. 


Love & Light,