Protecting Your Energy

Picture this: you're at happy hour after a long day of work. 

You meet up with 6 friends and you're all excited to escape the reality of your terribly stressful workday. But one of your friends is in a shitty mood. Not smiling, staring at their phone, judging everyone, noticeably uptight, etc. 

So what do you do? It’s seriously difficult to not let that person’s negative energy effect your own. But I'm here to tell you that it is possible to not let it get to you. 

When your energy level drops and matches the energy level of the "down" person, you are CHOOSING this. You have subconsciously decided to match that persons energy. This is understandable, but also completely avoidable. 

The truth is, we choose our energy level. We choose how we're going to show up in any given situation. You choose whether someone's low energy is going to shift your own. So how can you make sure your energy doesn't get effected by others? I'll show you! 

  1. Recognize where the low level energy is coming from in the room without judgement. Become aware of the low energy and who has it. 
  2. Remind yourself that this energy is not yours. Once you've identified where the source of the "down" energy is coming from, quickly remind yourself that you do not hold that negative energy. 
  3. Stay high: be the light. Your consistent high energy could potentially raise the energy of the low source. Continue spreading your love and light and watch the shift of the group.

If you've gone through these 3 steps and still find yourself feeding off the negative energy in the room, THEN LEAVE. Again, you have the choice to protect yourself. Feeding off of someone's negative energy is extremely dangerous to your own personal health. Avoid it at all costs. Once you leave the space, do something that typically raises your energy. Whether that is going for a run, meditating, listening to music, playing guitar, watching a movie, cooking, etc. Choose to bring yourself back to the energy level you wish to stay at. 


Love & Light,