Fear is Fake

I've never been a great flyer. I would always get myself into a panic and become strangely attentive to all sounds and actions around me. I feel like that's natural for most people who have a fear of flying.

Recently, this fear disappeared. I was on a flight to Cancun with my boyfriend and decided to do a 20 minute meditation on the plane prior to take off. This small meditation was the most impactful meditation I have ever experienced. While listening to "Ra Ma Sa Da" sung by Snatam Kuar, I felt my body dissolve into a trance. As she chanted the powerful mantra through my shitty apple headphones, I returned to a place of love. By reminding myself that I am Light, I am Love, I am OF Love, and I come from Love, a sensation of calmness and guidance rushed over me.

Before I knew it, myself and the other passengers on board were flying over New York City. The sun was shining as I captured the breathtaking view. I returned to Love. 

This was one of the first times that I was able to apply the skills of mindfulness that I have learned over the past few months. And it worked. Everyone has the power to return to love and remind themselves that fear does not exist.

For those of you saying, "of course fear exists wtf is this crazy girl talking about????" 

I get it. And now I'm here to explain why it doesn't exist. Hear me out. 

We come from a place of love. We spend months in our Mother's uterus. We are safe, protected, chillin in the womb, eating shitty sloppy digested leftovers, and enjoying the stillness. Then, the EXACT moment we are born and released into this physical world, we are introduced to fear. You're cold, it's loud, doctors are grabbing you, you are experiencing a sensory overload, you are feeling fear for the very first time. The moment we are exposed to this physical earth, THE EXACT MOMENT, we are introduced to fear. 

But here's the good news!!! We have a choice to go back. To go back to the mindset where we originated. To that safe space we spent months in. To a place of love. 

When you feel fear, anxiety, pain, or panic, RETURN HOME. You have the choice. Change your mindset. Return to Love. 



Love & Light,