You're Fired. MAZEL TOV!

Being fired is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Just recently, I was fired from a part time job I had for a few months. Although working at this store wasn't a full time position for me, I treated it with respect. Most importantly, I used my personable manner to make connections with many of the customers who shopped at the store. That was my favorite part of working there, meeting the customers. 

The store was very casual, in every respect. The way people dressed, the way people talked, even the way we spoke to customers. It wasn't a stuffy office situation, it was just pleasant. 

One day at work, I saw a text pop up on my coworkers computer. The text was from another coworker of mine, who happened to be 43 years of age, and she was completely talking shit about me. Calling me a "Self-entitled bitch." 

It's funny. The old me would've cried when I saw that, but the new me knew that the shit talking was a projection. I didn't need to be liked by everyone. I just had to keep being the light and carry on. 

On a Monday morning, only minutes after arriving for work, my boss confronted me. The conversation that lasted much longer than it needed to, ended with an amicable decision for me to leave. 

I was crying behind my ex-boss's desk. Not because I was sad, but because I was realizing how perfectly things were lining up for me. I was NOT supposed to be an employee at that store. I wasn't like the other girls working there. I never spoke poorly about customers when they left the store, I made impactful relationships with the customers, I treated every person who walked through the door with incredible respect. The other employees didn't follow this example. So when the door was opened for me to walk out, I did without regret. 

There's a misconception about being fired. It isn't a bad thing. If anything, it's a blessing in disguise. I didn't have the courage to leave my job, and then the Universe did the job for me. I am grateful that I was fired.

You see, being fired from a job has a horrible misconception. Usually the initial thought is "I wonder what he/she did wrong?" This misconception is understandable, but not always the case. Being fired has now given me the ability to take ownership for the business I have created. It has given me the opportunity to show up 100% for my purpose in this world without any "part-time" distractions. I am a Life Coach. I am a speaker. I am an aspiring author. I am an exemplary young female in today's society. I am no longer a part-time employee at a store that wasn't meant for me. The store didn't deserve my energy. 

When I got home from being fired, my brand new business cards were waiting for me in my mailbox. Thank you for the sign, Universe.

Love & Light,