10 Ways To Be A Happier Employee


We all have that one person in our lives that violently complains about working. 

If you're reading this asking yourself, "am I that person?????" you DEFINITELY are. If you're someone who finds yourself complaining about work, here is a list of the top 10 things you can do to shift your catabolic energy and become a happier employee. 

1) BE GRATEFUL: It doesn't matter how rude your boss has been all week. You should always remain grateful for the opportunity you have to be a working person in society.

2) TOP 3: Make a list every morning and every night of the top 3 things that went well that day. Doing this exercise will allow you to show gratitude for all areas of the day. 

3) EAT WELL: Make sure you're bringing snacks to keep you energized throughout the day. Foods such as nuts, dark chocolate, roasted chick peas, fruits, veggies, protein bars, etc will help keep your energy level high and your catabolic energy low. 

4) TAKE TIME FOR A BREAK: Whether it's an hour lunch, or just a long break in the bathroom, use this time to your advantage. Allow this time off during your day to be filled with mindful thoughts. 

5) PODCASTS/BOOKS: If you're someone who commutes to work every morning, whether by train or car, allow this time to be filled with positive distractors. If you're on the train, use this time to read a book, magazine, listen to a podcast, or a new album that just dropped. Avoid aimlessly scrolling through social media — by doing this, you're beginning your day in a state of comparison and judgement. If you drive to work, you can also use this time to listen to a podcast or music. Allow the positive energy come into the picture before you even enter the doors for work. 

6) BREAK THE HABIT: If you find yourself becoming miserable every morning before you even get to work, change your mindset IMMEDIATELY. Just because you had a shitty day at work the day before, it doesn't mean that every proceeding day will be bad. Break the assumptions and limited beliefs and enter each day with a new attitude. 

7) BE CONSCIOUSLY PRESENT: To be consciously mindful at work means you should be consciously present in all tasks. Even the mundane tasks you're given should be treated with the same amount of present behavior as the easier tasks. Make an effort to work more consciously, even if that means you handle tasks a bit slower than usual. 

8) ACCEPT WHAT YOU CAN'T CHANGE: Some aspects of your jobs will not change, no matter how hard you complain about it. Acceptance is KEY. Once you're able to accept the things that will not change in your workplace, you can begin to figure out the ways how you can move forward from the idea of changing it. This also relates to personal acceptance. Accept your strengths and weaknesses so you can take on tasks in a mindful manner.

9) AVOID OFFICE GOSSIP: It is so easy to get sucked into catty gossip with co-workers. Gossiping and complaining about your job while you're at work is not only a risky activity, but it also further deepens the catabolic energy around you. Avoid gossip, change the discussion, do what you have to do to stay positive. 

10) LEAVE THE OFFICE AT THE OFFICE: When you check out of work every day, make sure you don't bring it home with you. You need to have a separation between work and personal life. Allow yourself to have a distinct difference between both so that you don't feel consumed by work. That part of your day is in the past, so leave it there. 


Love & Light,